Rosacea related books currently available

Rosacea : Your Self-Help Guide
by Dr. Arlen Brownstein, Donna Shoemaker C.N., Sean O'Laoire

Arlen Brownstein is a naturopathic physician who also has rosacea. This book describes her own discovery of her condition and the steps she followed to bring it under control.

The book cover has lots of information about dietary considerations for rosacea sufferers since this is an area of obvious expertise for Ms. Brownstein  but it also offers lots of sound advice regarding all aspects of living with rosacea and treatment options.

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Rosacea 101: Includes the Rosacea Diet

by Brady Barrows

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The Rosacea Handbook:
A Self-Help Guide by L. E. Mills (Illustrator), Ann-Marie Lindstrom

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Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me
A Unique Guide to over 30,000 Products, Plus the Latest Skin-Care Research by Paula Begoun

This book will help you find products that will not irritate sensitive skin (and avoid those that are likely to aggravate rosacea symptoms). 

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