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One of the more common questions that rosacea sufferers usually have involves finding cosmetics which will not further irritate their sensitive skin. Unfortunately,  everyone seems to have different experiences when it comes to cosmetics.  What works for one person, may irritate someone else's skin.

Listed below are a variety of recommendations collected from the rosacea support mailing list. In most cases these are recommendations from individuals, not rosacea sufferers as a group, therefore, if you intend to try one of these, you may want to purchase the smallest available size while you test the product's results.

Foundation / Base / Cover- Ups

  • Powder Base : Shiseido Pureness
    available : only available in the US and Europe, not in Canada

For source see:  Ref. 1

  • Physicians Formula LE Velvet Film makeup (the one without the powder in it ) from Wal-Mart

For source see:  Ref. 4

  • Estee Lauder Futurist 

For source see: Ref. 9

For source see:  Ref. 3

  • Foundation : Pulverized mineral makeup (preservative free) from

  • Mineral makeup  from Jerome Alexander at QVC. In New York, try Bergdorf's in Manhattan

For source see:  Ref. 2



For source see: Ref. 7

  • AVON Maximum Moisture Super Hydrating Gel.

For source see: Ref. 7

For source see: Ref. 7

  • Rosacea Care Moisturizer : This moisturizer contains Vitamin K and Willowherb Extract to help calm the skin and reduce redness. Apply after cleansing in the morning and at bedtime.

For source see: Ref. 19

For source see: Ref. 8

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