Rate Card 

Listed below are a sample of our standard advertising rates however we we would be delighted to have an opportunity to develop a customized advertising program which would suit your needs and budget (no matter how large or small) so please send an email to to describe your requirements or request additional information.

Approximate Monthly Traffic 

Page Views: 60,000

Unique Visits: 12,000


Advertising Option Rate
468*60 Top Banner  $10/CPM
120*120 Banner $8/CPM
120*60 Banner $5/CPM
Site Sponsorship+ $495/Month

Pay-per-click campaigns are also available and will be priced on an individual campaign basis.

+ Site Sponsorship includes exclusive top 468*60 banners on all pages. Site sponsorship rates are based on expected traffic for the month. 

Banner Specifications

Maximum size of banners is 12k.
Animated GIFs are acceptable.

Additional Information

Click here for contact details.



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