Sunscreen / Sunblock

General Recommendations

As with anything which you might apply to your face (or other areas with Rosacea symptoms), it is important to read the ingredients carefully.  Many sunscreens contain chemicals which will cause problems for Rosacea sufferers. 

Specifically, avoid sunscreens which contain octyl methoxycinnamate, octyl salicylate and PABA. Instead, try and find sunblocks which contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Products which contain Parsol 1789 are also suggested as alternatives to normal chemical sunscreens.

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Specific Recommendations

  • zincO

As the name implies, this is a zinc based product. It seems to be a popular choice for Rosacea sufferers and comes in both tinted and untinted forms. 

Powder cosmetics can be applied over this for a more natural look.

Available at

For source see: Ref. 10a & b

  • Vanicream

Vanicream Sunscreen was recommended by a recognised Rosacea specialist.  It comes in 2 versions (and SPF 15 and SPF 35) but the SPF35 version contains a small amount of chemical sunscreen which may be a problem for some Rosacea sufferers. 

The Vanicream SPF 35 also contains zinc, dimethicone and cyclomethicone.

Available online at : Pharmaceutical Specialties, Inc and Dermadoctor

For source see: Ref. 11a & b

  • Peter Thomas Roth Day Protection Cream

SPF 30 which also protects against the cold. 

Available online from, and 

For source see: Ref. 12

  • Cetaphil spf 15

Available online at

For source see: Ref. 14

  • Ti Silc

Contains a chemical sunscreen but used by many Rosacea sufferers.

Available online at

For source see: Ref. 15

  • Clinique Products

Super City Block (SPF 25) and Clinique Almost Makeup (SPF 15). Both products use titanium dioxide as the sunblock component.  

It was suggested that Almost Makeup has a little better coverage and comes in several shades. 

Available online at Clinique.Com

For source see: Ref. 16

  • Aubrey Organics

SPF 20 with a titanium dioxide sunblock.

Available online at AubreyOrganics.Com

 For source see: Ref. 17

  • Ombrell SPF 30

For source see: Ref. 13

  • In Australia:

    Sun Sense Daily Face matt formula spf 30+ oil free base EGO.  Available at chemists.

    For source see: Ref. 18



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