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Treating Red Lines

If Rosacea is left untreated, red lines (known as telangiectasis) may appear. These are as a result of blood vessels in the face becoming enlarged or damaged. Currently the only choices for treating these red lines is to cover them with makeup or correct them with surgery. 

The damaged blood vessels may be treated in one of three main ways :

i) By injecting a concentrated saline (saltwater) solution into vessels to cause them to close up; 

ii) By using a laser or cautery to seal the broken vessels and prevent blood flow to the surface. According to  an article on WebMd.Com, with traditional laser treatment of these lines they will typically disappear after two to four laser treatments. According to the same article the cost to treat one view this would be $150 for each of two treatments. If there are several veins, the cost could rise to several hundred dollars. 

iii) Mixed light pulse (Photoderm) which, despite it's name is not a laser treatment, is emerging as an effective treatment for these Rosacea symptoms.  According to the same article mentioned above, mixed light pulse therapy works by sending light energy through the outer skin, concentrating on the dermal layer just below. This attacks the problem from the inside; it stimulates growth of collagen. So there is no visible damage, no healing that has to occur.

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Other Treatments

Brady Barrows who runs the claims to have a diet to control flare-ups which he sells for $10. We have no first hand knowledge of the effectiveness of this diet. 

See the lifestyle page for additional information on proper skin care.

Treatments to Avoid

Topical steroids may help the symptoms initially but can severe problems over time and should be avoided. (Steroids may be sold under brand names such as DesOwen and Westcort.)

Acne Treatments - Although rosacea used to be called 'acne rosacea', rosacea is no longer considered a form of acne and the treatments are quite different. Benzoyl peroxide, a common ingredient of many acne treatments, may actually make rosacea symptoms worse.

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